David Mills

I was a graduate student in Biophysics when I first met Marjorie Barstow in 1974.  When I dropped Catherine off in Lincoln, Nebraska for Marj’s summer workshop in something called The Alexander Technique, I wasn’t planning to attend that workshop myself the following summer, much less every one of 21 summers after that.  I recall that I found in Marj’s approach to what she liked to call “the discoveries of FM Alexander” a new kind of biophysics—a study of the workings of the whole human person, as a whole—and by that person.  What in the world, I thought, could be a more fascinating field of study than ME.  And what knowledge would be more useful.  So in the end I never did get a degree in Biophysics, though I did eventually get my PhD in Human Learning, and of course Alexander’s work was a central part of my dissertation.

In 1986 I helped found The Performance School.  I have taught on teacher training programs in Europe, Australia and Japan, and was a guest teacher at the 1994 International Congress of Teachers of the Alexander Technique.

I am currently the director of Infinity Box Theater Project, whose mission is to ask complex questions of science and technology in the form of theater and stories. (See www.infinitybox.org).

I believe that what best characterizes my teaching of The Alexander Technique—in my private lessons and my classes and workshops—is the conviction that it really is a technique, something that a person can learn to use from the beginning, rather than something that requires them to be improved by a teacher until they are good enough to practice it on their own.

For more information about David go to www.personalscience.org or call 206-522-3584