Post Graduate Courses & Workshops

All of our courses and workshops can be customized to the needs of various groups such as training courses. If you are interested in any of these, please contact us.  

Workshops for One*

Based on the Teaching Practice portion of The Performance School Teacher Education Program, these personalized one-on-one sessions with David and Catherine are your opportunity to benefit from their decades of experience teaching and training teachers, and gain deeper insights into your own teaching. 

For more information, or to schedule an individual session contact us at:

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*Or for two or three.  Groups are great!   

Doing What Alexander Did 

Alexander famously said that you could do what he does if you did what he did. This course uses the first chapter of The Use of the Self, “Evolution of a Technique,” to answer the question, “What did he do?” 

By using that chapter to examine the experiments that Alexander set for himself, see where he failed and why, and how he finally found success, we will deepen our own understanding of the concepts and principles of the Technique and how we teach them.  Because a teacher’s understanding of the principles of what they teach is embodied in the way they teach, we will also have an opportunity to examine how our understanding of these concepts and principles may differ from Alexander’s, how we teach them differently from how Alexander did, and why we made those choices. 

The more aware and thoughtful our understanding is the more flexible and powerful our teaching becomes.