Principles in Practice

A teacher’s understanding of the principles of what they teach is embodied in the way they teach.  The more aware and thoughtful that understanding is the more flexible and powerful their teaching becomes. 

In Principles in Practice we read selected chapters from Freedom to Change by Frank Pierce Jones, and the first chapter of The Use of the Self, “Evolution of a Technique.”  In order to build our understanding of the principles of the Technique, we will do the experiments that Alexander set for himself; see where he failed and why; and how he finally found success.  Examining what Alexander actually did deepens our own understanding of the work, allows us to make choices about learning and teaching, and to experiment with how to put those principles into practice in the 21st century. 

The curriculum of Principles in Practice also includes an exploration of Human Structure and Functioning and Voice and Presentation skills. 

Hours, Schedule and Cost:
Principles in Practice is three terms long.  A term is 10 weeks, and we meet twice weekly, for two hours each time.  

Each term is $800; the yearly cost is $3,200 

We are physically located in Seattle, Washington, but do much of our teaching—including teacher education—online.  Rather that dictate that the Program will start on a particular week, and continue for the full 10 weeks of each term, we survey the students who apply and find days and times that everyone can meet.  We have found this means of scheduling to be very successful, and its flexibility allows people from around the world to participate, allowing for a rich and creative environment for learning.

Applying to the Program: To apply to The Performance School Teacher Education Program, please let us know at:

Contact_us (at) 

and tell us why you want to become a teacher of the Alexander Technique.  

Successful graduation from The Performance School Teacher Education Program is based on satisfying The Performance School Graduation Criteria.