The Practice of Teaching

The Practice of Teaching is the opportunity for students to experiment with teaching on their own.  While students will do some teaching during the Teaching Principles course, the bulk of their teaching experience, with pupils who are not students in the program, will be during this course.  Students will have opportunities to teach individual lessons and group lessons.

Successful graduation from The Performance School Teacher Education Program is based on satisfying The Performance School Graduation Criteria.

Hours, Schedule and Cost:

The Practice of Teaching is organized in 10 week terms with a minimum of four hours each week.  Students are expected to teach a mix of pupils new to the Technique and more experienced pupils, in both individual and group lessons, in person and online.  The Practice of Teaching typically extends for three terms, although we have had students finish in two terms.  

Scheduling The Practice of Teaching requires balancing both the schedules of our students and their pupils.  Many of these classes are with both the students and pupils online; others are online but the teacher and pupil are meeting in person, and the rest of the students and teachers are online watching. 

Cost:  Each term is $800. 

Applying to the Program: To apply to The Performance School Teacher Education Program, please let us know at:

Contact_us (at) 

and tell us why you want to become a teacher of the Alexander Technique.