Chapter 1: “Knowing Oneself”

1. What understanding do people who are struggling to better themselves lack?

2. How would Alexander alter the adage, “Man, know thyself?” Why?

3. What is it essential to command in order to secure the growth and development of the mass?

4. Why have our attempts to supply and satisfy the needs of people proved to be more or less failures up to now?

5. What does the orthodox plan on the subconscious plane lead us to do and what fundamental principle is ignored using this plan?

6. What will be found where “physical” and “mental” methods are employed?

7. What must we do in order to reach a satisfactory state of awareness vis-a-vis our psycho-physical selves?

8. What knowledge should be the foundation of the act of living in all spheres, and how it is to be gained?

9. What is the surest way to raise the standard of everything we know?

10. What does Alexander mean by human endeavor, and what would history be like if written from this point of view?

11. Why are we beset with contending and disorganizing forces in the working of the psycho-physical organism of each individual?

12. What has followed each subconsciously directed, specific “end- gaining” attempt to bring about a solution to daily difficulties?

13. Upon what basis should any new system of education be evaluated? Why?

14. What faults does Alexander find with the systems of education he discusses?

15. What point must always be emphasized by people advocating the claims of re-education and co-ordination on a general basis?

16. What would happen if children were re-educated and co-ordinated on a plane of conscious control?

17. Of what will a satisfactory co-ordinated child on a plane of conscious control be possessed? What will this allow a teacher to do?

18. The establishment of what condition should be the first consideration of any sound educational plan? Why?

Thought Question

1. What constitutes (p. 242) “meeting the demands of the mass?” Of what value is the mass dissemination of information, on any topic? Is there any way people can be reached on an individual basis through the mass media?