Constructive Conscious Control of the Individual

Part I:  Sensory Appreciation In Its Relation To Man’s Evolutionary Development

Part II: Sensory Appreciation In Its Relation to Learning and Learning To Do

Chapter 1: Education and Re-Education

Chapter 2: Incorrect Conception

Chapter 3: Imperfect Sensory Appreciation

Chapter 4: Illustration

Chapter 5: Respiratory Mechanisms

Chapter 6: Unduly Excited Fear Reflexes

Chapter 7:  Psycho-Physical Equilibrium

Part III:  Sensory Appreciation in Its Relation to Man’s Needs

Chapter 1: “Knowing Oneself”

Chapter 2: Imitation

Chapter 3:  Concentration and the Sustained (Continuous) Projection of Orders

Chapter 4:  Memory and Feeling

Chapter 5:  Complexity and Complications In Relation To Stress and Strain

Part IV:  Sensory Appreciation In Its Relation To Happiness

Conclusions:  Psycho-Physical Attitude