Welcome to The Performance School

Our work comes from a deep curiosity about the nature of human performance.

  • What is performance?
  • What is the difference between “Performance” as we usually think of it—acting, dancing, singing, playing music, athletics, etc.—and “performance”—what we do in every day life?
  • What is it about truly great performances that makes them great?
  • What qualities do those performers have, and how can we all have those qualities in our daily lives?
Our exploration of these questions is grounded in the work of F.M. Alexander, who discovered fundamental principles of human movement and coordination. Using Alexander’s discoveries as a framework, we have pioneered powerful and practical approaches to understanding and improving human coordination.
We work with people in all walks of life, individually or in groups, at work and at home, on any activity they want to do with more ease, flexibility, comfort and style. We believe that nothing is more fascinating or fun than learning about ourselves, and the joy of our work is helping people realize the power, clarity and potential of well-coordinated thinking.  We hope you will come play with us.