Alexander’s Discovery

1. Of what is F.M.’s work a paradigm?

2. With whom did F.M. initially begin working?

3. From what to what did his initial emphasis shift?

4. When did F.M. go to London?

5. Where did F.M. and A.R. first practice?

6. Where did they subsequently move to?

7. How did F.M. promote his ideas and practices?

8. When did F.M. publish his first pamphlets?

9. What did F.M. decide had to be done to restore normal breathing? Why did he
come to this conclusion?

10. What is his thesis?

11. What has been the result of the demoralizing conditions of schools and
offices? By what had this condition been worsened?

12. Why could breathing not be improved by picking one part of the cycle to
work on?

13. Why did re-education processes usually fail?

14. How does F.M.’s method differ from other methods of re-education?

15. What did the directive orders do?

16. What were the 2 kinds of orders?

17. Which order is primary?

18. What was the pupil instructed to do? What did the teacher do?

19. Why did the Alexanders teach the whispered ah?

20. On what is the pupil’s attention focused during the whispered ah?