Sensory Evidence

1. According to Frank, what will the procedures, properly carried out,

2. What, according to Frank, do subjects regularly report as a result of the
work? What sensations did you experience in your first lessons?

3. The sensations reported by Frank all seem to be positive ones. Have you
ever experienced a “non-positive” sensation as a result of a lesson?

4. Why does Frank not like table work?

5. What happens if the sensory effect is not renewed?

6. What did Frank expect on his first visit to A.R.?

7. What did he find instead?

8. What were the two notable things Frank experienced as a result of AR’s work
with him?

9. What was the most striking aspect of the movement for Frank? What did the
experience leave Frank with?

10. What was Frank’s principle problem?

11. What occurred to him vis-à-vis his problem?

12. What did Frank do when he tried to stand up without A.R.’s help?

13. In comparing his guided state (with A.R.’s help) to doing by himself, what
did Frank discover?

14. What were the only 2 alternatives that seemed possible to Frank?

15. What was Frank’s stumbling block? What do you think yours is? (or are?)

16. When did Frank begin to note progress? How did he expand his attention? Have you experienced dual fields of attention (or dueling fields of attention?)

17. What did Frank try to do once he had experienced the kinesthetic effect?
Why did his attempts not work?

18. What was the chief function of the kinesthetic effect? Do you believe this
is a useful function?

19. What did Frank notice about the pattern of neck-muscle tension? Does this
scenario sound familiar?

20. What does inhibition describe?

21. What do students emphasize in describing their experiences?

22. How according to Frank does the enjoyment of an experience change by
expanding the field of consciousness?

23. How does “bringing the intellect into physical experience” have practical
value as a problem solving technique?

24. Do you think Frank was a dualist?

25. What happened when Frank applied the procedures to breathing? Have you
experienced or observed a similar effect, either with breathing or another

26. What are some of the psychological effects that Frank lists? Have you
experienced these or others?

27. Where according to Frank does the problem of change have to be solved? Do
you agree or disagree?

28. What is the field of attention and what significance does this have vis-a-
vis emotional disturbance?

29. How does Frank describe redirecting or containing an emotion when
following Alexander Technique procedures?

30. According to Frank, what did F.M. call this process?

31. What kind of changes did Frank experience?

32. When according to Frank do changes happen in the Alexander Technique? Do you find this to be true?

33. What do lessons in the Technique release?