Escape From the Monkey Trap

1. According to Frank, what does the Alexander Technique teach you to do?

2. How does Frank define the Alexander Technique? Do you agree or disagree
with all or part of his definition?

3. What did F.M. and A.R. discover with their hands?

4. What does the Technique change?

5. What is the distinguishing hallmark of the Technique?

6. What facilitates the learning of the Technique?

7. What did Alexander believe about racial development?

8. Why were contemporary methods for self-improvement end-gaining?

9. What did Alexander propose instead?

10. How does Frank use the terms verbal and non-verbal? (See p. 3)

11. What do you think is the value of case histories?

12. What criteria did Frank use for his experimental work?

13. Why should this work be available to therapists?

14. What are most people caught in?

15. What does the Alexander Technique do?

16. Why do you think the idea of choice is important to Frank?