Chapter 8: An Osteopath’s Idea of a New Technique

1. Where, according to Alexander, does Mr. Allen fail in his attempt to help his colleagues in applying a new technique?

2. What problems does Alexander find with Mr. Allen’s advocacy of “visualizing” and “sensing?”

3. What does Mr. Allen not refer to, which is essential to bringing about an improving use of the self, together with a gradual restoration of sensory trustworthiness?

4. What made possible the evolution of a technique and what is fundamental to any application of Alexander’s technique?

5. What points or connections has Mr. Allen missed from The Use of the Self?

6. What is the fate of those who try to follow Alexander’s procedures without knowledge of the primary control?

7. How does Mr. Allen put the cart before the horse, according to Alexander?

8. What idea underlies methods of training which deal with training a particular part of a person? Why will people who employ Alexander’s principles not need specific exercises or techniques?

9. What does Alexander mean when he states that “the two methods of approach, the direct method of osteopathy as described by Mr. Allen, and the indirect method as exemplified in my procedures, cannot be combined or brought into line with each other as they are based on principles of working that are irreconcilable?”

10. What is re-education, according to Alexander?

11. How is a person who is versed in a theory and practice based on a principle which is familiar misled when considering and approving a theory and practice based upon a principle which is unfamiliar?

12. What did Mr. Allen’s previous experience and training not enable him to realize?

13. What is necessary to full diagnosis if changes made in structural and functional conditions are to be permanent and unaccompanied by any harmful by-products?

14. By what are all forms of treatment impeded? Why?

15. What warning does Alexander give to all who are endeavoring to help others to make changes in the use of themselves?

16. What is the problem inherent in the process of substituting conscious for instinctive control of human reaction? From what two sources can people obtain the means whereby to solve this problem?