Chapter 3: A Review of the Report of the Physical Education Committee of the British Medical Association

1. Alexander writes (p. 53) that the means the committee “…advocate for putting their theories into practice do not differ in principle from the means which have been employed ever since physical exercises were first devised,” and that the committee has “…a complete misunderstanding of cause and effect.” What is Alexander’s analysis of physical deterioration?

2. What will manner of use always be like in people in need of physical development?

3. What does the physical education committee report take for granted regarding the reliability of sensory guidance? What does the committee ignore?

4. What follows for the unfortunate victim of faulty sensory guidance and deceptive appreciation?

5. What significance does this unreliable sensory guidance have for the employment of the primary control?

6. What will happen if the unfortunate victim tries to DO the exercise “right?”

7. In what sense are all exercises fundamentally the same?

8. What is the common assumption when writing that each of the exercises is ” “designed for the purpose of producing specific effects?” ”

9. What would the task of designing such a regimen of exercises call for? Why?

10. From what can the idea of health not be disassociated? Why?

11. Why are the procedures the committee advocates not in accordance with the scientific method?

12. What did the committee ignore when arriving at their conclusion?

13. What commonsense point of view escaped the committee? What does their suggested plan imply?

14. By what means will “any reasonable standard of physical development” (p. 65) be brought about? What will the act of living itself become?

15. What will daily exercises afford in people who are already interfering with their primary control? Why?

16. What will happen “as long as we adhere in everything we do to the principle of consciously inhibiting interference with the employment of the primary control?” (p. 66)

17. What implications does the foregoing behavior have for a full life in civilization?

18. What do we become by using exercises as a means of improving our physical condition?

19. What does the practice of exercises lead to in a large majority of cases?

20. How will we be defeated in the long run?