Chapter 4: Memory and Feeling

1. Of what are teachers unaware in the relationship of concentrating to remembering?

2. What attempt has not been made in current systems of memory training?

3. What is memory?

4. Upon what does the lasting quality of the memory impression depend?

5. Upon what does the effectiveness of these psycho-physical processes associated with memory depend?

6. What other factors influence the psycho-physical conditions?

7. Of what are our habits of life the manifestation?

8. What relationship does the habit of reading newspapers and light literature have to do with the growing loss of memory in all spheres?

9. Upon what is reasoning dependent, and what significance does this have vis-a-vis loss of memory?

10. What plays the leading part in the great round of psycho-physical activity? How?

11. Upon what does the standard of functioning in processes of reasoning and remembering depend?

13. When judging a human creature’s intelligent activities, upon what must judgement be based? Why?

14. Where are most of the early bad habits which result in memory cultivated?

15. Where is this cultivation most marked?

16. What will be the results of this type of cultivation?

17. What is observable in pupils at a gymnasium vis-a-vis learning a teacher’s instructions?

18. What do most pupils attempt to do with instructions instead of committing them to memory?

19. In the illustration of the pupil attempting to memorize the teacher’s instructions, what was the pupil’s conception of memorizing?

20. In what way might the pupil’s plan of memorization been effective?

21. What does the habit of attempting to perform an act before the directing and guiding orders concerned have been memorized reveal about the person’s processes of inhibition and volition?

22. What is being gradually cultivated in the pupil whose inhibitory processes are ineffective? What effect does this have on the “mental” impressions the pupil receives?

23. What is necessary to develop in order to restore balance in a case of unbalanced psycho-physical condition?

24. What means must a person employ to restore this balance?

Thought Question

1. Alexander writes (p. 280) “It is quite conceivable that any stimulus, as it is conveyed by sensory appreciation to the consciousness, is influenced by the psycho-physical conditions present, and there is not the least doubt as to this influence on the reaction which follows.” To what extent is Alexander an objective materialist (i.e. there is a “real world” out there from which I receive “real” stimuli and the accuracy of my sensory appreciation is judged by the degree to which it matches the “real objective” world)?