Tuition and Scheduling

Tuition is $400/course/term.

Terms are 10 weeks.  Principles in Practice typically takes two terms to finish; Teaching Principles typically takes three terms to finish.  If only two terms are needed to finish either course, then tuition is charged for two terms only.  If the course takes longer than three terms, no extra tuition will be charged.

Unlike the first two courses, terms for Supervised Teaching are one quarter, i.e. three months.  The length of Supervised Teaching is more unpredictable in length than the other two courses, and depends on the individual student.  Supervised Teaching may be  via video, but some in person supervision is also required.


Scheduling is determined term by term by the members of each course.    As there are usually people attending the first two courses who are not in Seattle, but attend via Zoom, we need to schedule across times zones as well fitting peoples’ individual schedules.